Ask Dr. Becker

Q: Does Dr. Becker accept children as patients? If so, at what age should a child have his/her first dental exam?
A: The practice welcomes families with children and recommends a first dental exam beginning at age 3. Many of our adult patients actually started with us as children and have stayed—bringing us their kids, too. There is even a special room for children to enjoy when they visit Dr. Becker.

Q: What does Dr. Becker do for patients who have a lot of anxiety about visiting a dentist?
A: Smiles by Becker has brought the comforts of the spa directly to your dental care. The entire practice focuses on patient comfort–from the juice and coffee that greets you to the state-of-the-art equipment and procedures that minimize pain. Dr. Becker works with each patient to address any fears, thoroughly explain procedures, and answer questions to reduce anxiety. There are also above-the-chair video monitors (versus staring at the bright light or ceiling tiles) and massage pads in the chairs to add to the spa-like experience.

Q: Which insurance plans does the practice accept?
A: Dr. Becker does not participate in any HMOs, since their whole premise is based on not being an “assembly-line” practice. The practice does accept most traditional insurance plans, in addition to a select number of PPO’s.

Q: If you don’t have dental insurance or want a cosmetic procedure that is not covered, is there any payment plan or financing option?
A: We do accept all major credit cards, and we can help you obtain interest-free financing for one year.

Q: If my child needs braces, does he stay a patient of Dr. Becker’s for routine care while also visiting the orthodontist?
A: Yes. We will work closely with your child’s orthodontist. Home care and routine cleanings become even more important while in braces. Often, we recommend your child has a teeth cleaning every 3 or 4 months during orthodontic treatment.

Q: Are you accepting new patients?
A: Absolutely! Call us to schedule your first appointment.

Q: Will I get my teeth cleaned on my first visit?
The first visit is for Dr. Becker to get to know you–to thoroughly examine your teeth, recommend any necessary X-rays, and assess your oral health. Once he has made his assessment, he will make recommendations for your course of care. Often, the next appointment is, in fact, for a routine cleaning, but it is not generally done at the first visit.

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