Sedation Dentistry

A practical solution for dental-phobia.

For our patients who are particularly nervous about dental procedures, we offer sedation dentistry.

Before any work is performed, you will take a pill that sedates you. You won’t be asleep, but you also won’t be aware of what is happening. Many patients report that they have no recollection of the procedure. While you are sedated, we’ll do all or most of the dental treatments that you need.

Sedation dentistry is only available for adults. You will need someone to drive you home from your appointment.

The experience was beyond my expectations. I get a lot of compliments and the process could not have been easier. Dr. Ford went above and beyond to accommodate my ideal image – Marcia B.

After looking around at different orthodontic practices, I came upon Smiles By Becker. From the very beginning the staff were not only nice,  but extremely informative! They educated me on my various options to achieve the perfect smile I had always dreamed of. Together we concluded that Invisalign was right for me. Through the entire process they were there every step of the way until we got that picture perfect smile! Everywhere I go, I’m smiling and consistently am complimented on my teeth.  I give all the credit to Dr. Ford and the staff at Smiles By Becker! Thank you ALL for your hard work and dedication to changing lives for the better! – Monique S.

We look forward to keeping your gums and teeth healthy for a lifetime!

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